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this vid made my cry but not the first time the second time for its sad the killer that finally finds is heart to die, even though it took the second time for this vid to make me cry its impresive because its very hard to make me cry.


rofl this vid is fun and for some reason i always laf when i here STARS its just sounds so clear its funny but anyway great video love it


man this vid is hallarius and it would be ironic if thats really what they were saying and the ending music is for the save ponit for Resident evil 4 is it not

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Go, BOXHEAD!!!!!!!

I've always been a fan of Boxhead, ever since I played the first one, and BoxHead the Zombie Wars just makes the series look even more gooooood, because its like Resident Evil to me, just Boxy.

I like it

This game is pretty good. To me though, you need more troops.

It's Brillint

This game reminds me of a game i used to play, which in turn means I can't get enough of it.

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Very nice

This song is very intresting, every time i listen to it i vesion alot of vids i could do with this song, nice work

its the Duke Mother F**kers

theres really nothing too said but you heared the man. Its time to Kiss@$$ and chew bubblegum.


this would fit perfectly in Ninja Gaiden, this rythem and dark feel fits in one those tense or dark stages of Ninja Gaiden but anyway great song again love the rythem and feel. 10/10 and 5/5

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very nice, and love the spear

this pic is great all the way around i don't see any floes at all and the spear it fits perfectly, all in all its awsome

sonic gone DBZ

OMG he's power level is over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!, oh and he went super sayain lolol

Lightning wins anyway

this pic depics a very epic battle, even though Lightning wins in the end, becuase Lightning is cool that way XD

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