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Very nice

This song is very intresting, every time i listen to it i vesion alot of vids i could do with this song, nice work

its the Duke Mother F**kers

theres really nothing too said but you heared the man. Its time to Kiss@$$ and chew bubblegum.


this would fit perfectly in Ninja Gaiden, this rythem and dark feel fits in one those tense or dark stages of Ninja Gaiden but anyway great song again love the rythem and feel. 10/10 and 5/5

thats what i call bring it back

this is a well remade Chrone theme, its sounds and rhythem match perfectly and i think it would fit in a FF game very well. 10/10 5/5

i like it

its good for your first song and like the 8-bit feel, which makes me happy because its good see people that can do 8-bit based or 8-bit music in general right 10/10 and 5/5

Getorix responds:

Danke. :) I do plan to make more 8-bit songs in the future. Still experimenting with Ableton, but do enjoy some 8bit action.

i like it

its different and unique and love it around 1:50 on because it changes the fill dramaticly

this is good for those slow days

this is good for early mornig, after you wake up, yeah slow-smooth its also good for when you want to get your gruve on. exelent work

Lapse responds:

Haha, thank you.

i see why some peolpe wanted to DL

this piece is epic no joke epic work

its different

the piano is out of place and the other intruments are a little ahead on bet but its good piece 8/10

this is a very interesting mix

i love final fantasy and what you've done with this has given me even more reason to love Final Fantasy, thanks

KatzuyaSagara responds:

Wow...I mean...really thank you for the review, n_n to be honest...this song make me wanna play this game again.
Take Care =).
(I may do Cyan's theme in the future)

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